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Caution urged during heatwave

  5th July 2018

Due to ongoing heatwave conditions across the country Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) is appealing to anglers and fishery managers to voluntarily cease salmon angling on catch and release rivers… READ MORE 

Crayfish deaths at Lough Owel

  19th June 2018

Large numbers of native white-clawed crayfish have died in recent days at Lough Owel near Mullingar, Westmeath. It is feared crayfish plague, a highly infectious fungus, is responsible… READ MORE 

Mass carp kill in Cork due to virus

  26th May 2018

Ireland’s premier public carp water, the famous Lough in Cork City, was recently hit by an outbreak of Carp Edema Virus (CEV) causing mass mortalities with almost 900 carp dead… READ MORE

Ireland worst in EU for overfishing

  26th May 2018

Ireland has again topped the league table of worst offenders for the promotion of overfishing in the North East Atlantic, and is undermining international efforts to restore fish stocks to sustainable levels… READ MORE

The Missing Salmon project

  26th May 2018

An international project that aims to track wild Atlantic salmon over the next two years has been launched in Scotland as part of efforts to halt the decline of the species… READ MORE

New lure set up proven to land more pike

  26th May 2018

A new scientific study has recently proved how using a novel lure fishing set up for pike not only increases the ratio of hits to landed fish but also significantly reduces handling and unhooking time… READ MORE

EU’s first pink salmon of 2018

  26th May 2018

After last year’s invasion of pink (or humpback) salmon (Oncorhynchus gorbuscha) across much of northern Europe, experts were expecting far fewer to appear in 2018. … READ MORE

€1.3b Shannon pipleline

  26th May 2018

Irish Water (IW) are pushing ahead with plans to divert water from the River Shannon to Dublin and the midlands, with the pipeline estimated to cost €1.3b… READ MORE