At Off the Scale, we think of angling differently to most.

Our ethos is simple. We wish to encourage and embrace a more open-minded view of our beloved past time. One where anglers and fish are not simply stereotyped and conform to specific disciplines. One where we realise that all anglers are, basically, the same, that we all fish for the same fundamental reasons, be it to escape reality, relax, or enjoy nature. Whether you fish for wild Brown and Sea trout in a small stream, salmon from a large spate river, bass and flatfish from beaches, conger eels and ling from deep-sea wrecks, wrasse or pollock from rocks, mullet from a urban pier, carp and tench from weedy lakes, roach and rudd from a stretch of canal or pike from some large, unforgiving lough; whether you choose to fish with artificial or natural baits; whether you choose to stick to one method or employ many to catch a fish; whether you fish for hours or days at a time; whether you fish at home or abroad, whether you have all the latest tackle or use hand-me-downs; whether you are old or young, male or female; wherever you fish, and whatever you fish for, we are all, basically, the same. We are all anglers. We all love angling…

…and, as anglers we all need to ensure that fish, and their environment’s, are afforded greater appreciation, respect and protection. Not just for our benefit but for the next generation, and all future generations of budding anglers and nature lovers.
So, please join us on our journey as we seek to challenge the angling status quo. Dare to question, dare to explore new frontiers and dare to think outside the angling box… But, most of all, enjoy it!

Off the Scale,
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