Issue 27 of Ireland’s #1 angling magazine is out now

29th March 2019


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Inside this issue

  • Lowdown: All the major fishing & fish-related news from the last few weeks
  • Blowing off the cobwebs: We  spend a day on the river with Irish international Peter Driver as he does some early season nymphing for wild trout 
  • Fishing Tackle & Bait open weekend 2019: We report on the first ever Fishing Tackle & Bait open weekend held recently in Enniskillen. Is this about to set a new trend for Irish tackle shops? We think so…
  • Rodfendr: an Irish angling innovation: We get the full background story behind Alan O’Shea’s novel invention, an on-the-rod rest ,which promises to make pier fishing life much easier
  • The biggest fish of all: Dermot Ogle concludes his ‘New Horizon’ series by looking at the gulf between UK and Irish perch fishing, with some great tips thrown in along the way
  • New beginnings: A new West of Ireland predator club dedicated to catch and release – the Connacht Predator Anglers – was recently formed and Gary Robinson explains why this is the way forward for Irish clubs in modern times
  • Ballycotton Big Fish: We chat with organisers Rebecca Cronin and skipper Tom Collins about the richest shark tournament this side of the Atlantic. Set to take place in September this year, there is an eye-watering €250,000 in prizes up for grabs!
  • Mismatch the hatch: Have modern nymphing techniques eroded the art of traditional fly tying, asks Peter Driver
  • Lanzarote part 3 – fly n’ survive: After his success last year, big fish angler Sidney Kennedy travels back to the Canaries for a ‘proper’ trip, this time with reinforcements. It was tough going but there were some monsters caught…
  • Sea Deep project: Rebecca Hunter explains how Ulster Wildlife’s Sea Deep project is working with anglers to help gather data for shark and ray conservation efforts
  • Lookout: Our regular spotlight on just some of the amazing wildlife you might be lucky enough to see when by the water over the coming weeks






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