Issue 24 of Ireland’s #1 angling magazine is out now! And yes, it is still 100% free!

Off the Scale magazine is best viewed on PC’s, laptops and tablets, but will also work well on all mobile devices. This is absolutely NOT your average online publication and it may take a few moments to load due to the high quality of the photographic/media content. Enjoy!

Issue 24: Web version (all devices)  Issue 24: PDF (42MB)


PC’s, laptops and tablets:

Currently, Off the Scale is unable to offer an inbuilt zoom function for non-mobile devices. We are working on this development. For now, if you need/want to zoom in further on the page you must use your web browsers inbuilt zoom. The simplest way to do this is to press CTRL & + (zoom in) and CTRL & – (zoom out) on your keyboard. A roller-wheel mouse may also allow you to zoom in and out.

Mobile devices:

Allowing your mobile device to enter landscape mode will often make it easier to view and navigate the magazine. Zooming and panning around the screen is simply via the normal ‘finger pinching’ motion.

PDF version:

We are proud to also offer a fancy, interactive PDF version of Off the Scale, which allows readers to download the entire magazine and then view offline as per any other document. The PDF version may appear slower and less responsive than the web based version but please know that we are really pushing the limits of what PDF files can do here! We have introduced this format primarily to cater for readers with poor and/or unreliable internet on their mobile devices. Simply click or tap on the ‘PDF’ button below, wait for the file to load in your browser, download (by clicking the ‘Save as’) and enjoy it forever!

Please download the free Adobe Acrobat Viewer on your smartphone, tablet or laptop/PC to best view the PDF version of the magazine