sea bass regulations 2020
Recreational anglers will now be allowed to keep 2 bass per day in 2020, compared to 1 in 2019

Bass bag limit increase for 2020

  20th December 2019


A new increased bag limit for European bass (Dicentrarchus labrax)  has been agreed by EU Council Ministers. In 2020, recreational anglers will now be allowed to take 2 bass per day over or equal to the minimum size of 42cm. This is an increase on the single fish allowed during much of 2019.

Anglers will be allowed to take up to 2 fish a day in all months except January, February and December (i.e. 1st March to 30th November), which are catch and release only periods to help protect spawning stocks. An increased bag limit had been called for by various lobby groups such as the European Angling Alliance (EAA) , Save Our Sea Bass and the UK’s Angling Trust .

EU bass regulations 2020 (minimum landing size = 42cm)

MonthBag limit for anglers
JanuaryC&R only
FebruaryC&R only
March2 bass per day
April2 bass per day
May2 bass per day
June2 bass per day
July2 bass per day
August2 bass per day
September2 bass per day
October2 bass per day
November2 bass per day
DecemberC&R only

However, in keeping with such European regulations, this increased bag limit is subject to change at the discretion of each Member State. In a statement released on 20th December, Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) said:

“Anglers are advised that the EU regulation states that the proposed bag limits (and operational dates for same) are without prejudice to more stringent domestic arrangements which may be put in place. This leaves an option for domestic authorities (including Ireland) to impose more strict limitations but not less restrictive ones. IFI is discussing matters with its parent Department as regards what limitations will apply to recreational bass fishing for 2020 in the context of stock conservation”.

Watch this space.