common thresher shark underwater

Thresher shark rebuttal

  29th July 2021

A rebuttal to the online fracas surrounding the recent capture (and release) of a huge thresher shark off the SW coast of Ireland… READ MORE

Loughgall carp fishing

Loughgall carp restocking

Paul McBride

Paul McBride tells the full story behind the 2020 restocking of Ireland’s record breaking carp water, Loughgall in Co. Armagh…  READ MORE 

Deeper CHIRP+

Deeper CHIRP+ review

  22nd October 2019

We take a detailed look at the new Deeper CHIRP+ and compare it to its predecessor, the Pro+… READ MORE

printed magazine

Off the Scale to go printed!

  1st June 2019

Yes, the rumours are true – Off the Scale, Ireland’s #1 angling magazine, will also be available in printed form in the near future!… READ MORE

bluefin tuna

Irish tuna tagging scheme 2020

  10th February 2020

Following a successful trial in 2019, the Tuna CHART tagging scheme for bluefin tuna will return in Irish waters for 2020… READ MORE

Bass bag limit increase for 2020

  20th December 2019

Following new EU regulations, recreational anglers will now be allowed an increased bass bag limit of 2 fish per day over 42cm… READ MORE

pink salmon Ireland

First pink salmon of 2019

  26th June 2019

The first non-native pink salmon of 2019 has been reported from Irish waters (June 26th). The fish was caught the famous Drowes Fishery, Co. Leitrim… READ MORE

anglers national line recycling scheme

Line Recycling Scheme launches

  9th May 2019

We are delighted to act as national coordinators for the Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme (ANLRS) in Ireland. Registration is simple and free and it helps protect fish, wildlife and the environment from discarded fishing line. REGISTER HERE

Issue 27 now live!

  29th March 2019

The latest issue of Ireland’s #1 angling magazine is out now and packed, as usual, with top quality material on game, coarse & sea. FREE for all online & via interactive PDF download! READ MORE 

pike by-law Ireland

Anti-pike bye-law annulled

  25th February 2019

A nation of anglers are celebrating given that the Designated Salmonid Waters bye-law No. 264 (2018), dubbed by many as the ‘anti-pike bye-law’, was today (25th February 2019) annulled by Justice Noonan in the High Court… READ MORE

off the scale magazine

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Advertise with Ireland’s biggest & best all-round angling publication and reach thousands of readers as well as 10,000s weekly across our growing social media platforms! Just get in touch… FIND OUT MORE 

sea lice salmon farming

Salmon farming: the ugly truth

  by John Murphy

John Murphy, of Salmon Watch Ireland, dives head first into the fish cages of lies, corruption and corporate greed which are severely impacting our wild salmon and sea trout stocks… READ MORE 

bluefin tuna angling

Irish Bluefin C&R fishery

  5th February 2019

Approval has finally been given for the introduction of a science-based catch, tag & release fishery for bluefin tuna for recreational Irish anglers… READ MORE

salmon farms

Transparent lice hit salmon farms

  12th December 2018

Fears are growing that lice numbers on Atlantic salmon farms may quickly become even more difficult to control – due to ‘see through’ or transparent lice… READ MORE

pike eating roach

Irish pike change their diet

  27th September 2018

New research by Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) suggests that Irish pike have changed their dietary habits and now prey mainly on roach… READ MORE

bream tench bylaw Ireland

New tench & bream by-law

  25th July 2018

Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) is proposing to amend current coarse fish by-law to establish a mandatory 100% catch & release of both tench and bream in Irish waters… READ MORE 

pink salmon

Pink invaders

Dr. Ken Whelan

Dr. Ken Whelan looks at the pink salmon invasion of Irish and European rivers in summer 2017 and asks what impacts this species will have on our native fish…  READ MORE 

catch and release ban

Caution urged during heatwave

  5th July 2018

Due to ongoing heatwave conditions across the country Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) is appealing to anglers and fishery managers to voluntarily cease salmon angling on catch and release rivers… READ MORE 

dead crayfish Owel

Crayfish deaths at Lough Owel

  19th June 2018

Large numbers of native white-clawed crayfish have died in recent days at Lough Owel near Mullingar, Westmeath. It is feared crayfish plague, a highly infectious fungus, is responsible… READ MORE 

dead carp CEV

Mass carp kill in Cork due to virus

  26th May 2018

Ireland’s premier public carp water, the famous Lough in Cork City, was recently hit by an outbreak of Carp Edema Virus (CEV) causing mass mortalities with almost 900 carp dead… READ MORE 

How to tie a conger eel rig

  Gary Blake

Rigs for shore-based conger fishing do not need to complicated, in fact, as you’ll see, they are incredibly simple. Simple yet very strong… READ MORE 

fish sleep

The science bit: fish sleep

  Bill Brazier

Fish, just like any other animal, need rest in order to recuperate, heal, digest food and to grow. Whilst they may not achieve it exactly as we do, fish do, in fact, catch some Z’s…… READ MORE