Issue 23 out now!

  25th July 2018

The latest issue of Ireland’s #1 angling magazine is out now and packed, as usual, with top quality material on game, coarse & sea. FREE for all online & via interactive PDF download! READ MORE 

Rare mackerel caught off Sligo

  28th August 2018

A rare Atlantic chub mackerel (Scomber colias) has been caught recently by an angler fishing for Atlantic mackerel in Sligo Bay… READ MORE 

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New tench & bream by-law

  25th July 2018

Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) is proposing to amend current coarse fish by-law to establish a mandatory 100% catch & release of both tench and bream in Irish waters… READ MORE 

Caution urged during heatwave

  5th July 2018

Due to ongoing heatwave conditions across the country Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) is appealing to anglers and fishery managers to voluntarily cease salmon angling on catch and release rivers… READ MORE 

Crayfish deaths at Lough Owel

  19th June 2018

Large numbers of native white-clawed crayfish have died in recent days at Lough Owel near Mullingar, Westmeath. It is feared crayfish plague, a highly infectious fungus, is responsible… READ MORE 

HTO Stink Pots – product review

  Issue 16

We were kindly sent a box of lure fishing goodies from the Tronix stable recently to check and test out, and good they certainly are. First up are the aptly named Stink PotsREAD MORE 

Mass carp kill in Cork due to virus

  26th May 2018

Ireland’s premier public carp water, the famous Lough in Cork City, was recently hit by an outbreak of Carp Edema Virus (CEV) causing mass mortalities with almost 900 carp dead… READ MORE 

The state of our waters

by Ross Macklin

Freshwater ecologist Ross Macklin doesn’t hold back in his honest assessment of Irish angling in the present day…  READ MORE 

How to tie a conger eel rig

by Gary Blake

Rigs for shore-based conger fishing do not need to complicated, in fact, as you’ll see, they are incredibly simple. Simple yet very strong… READ MORE 

Chasing Irish giants

by Adrian Molloy

I first became aware of tuna in Ireland when I observed a number of giant ones on the quay in Killybegs, Co. Donegal in the early 1980s… READ MORE