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Inside this issue  

  • Lowdown: All the major fishing & fish-related news from the last few weeks
  • Simon says: We travel to Northern Ireland to meet Simon Gibson, a pike guide on the lovely Lough Erne, to see what exactly the system has to offer
  • Carafin Lodge: We showcase a new, exciting and ambitious coarse & pike angling project in County Cavan which shows great promise
  • World’s debut: Irish under-16 international Eoin Foley writes about his part in the recent World Shore Championship silver medal victory in Portugal
  • Is this the future of Irish carping? : The editor Bill Brazier investigates how an English carp farm may just drag Irish carp angling into the 21st century
  • Salmon under pressure: We need a new, more-rounded approach to management of Atlantic salmon if we are to save the species, writes Dr. Ken Whelan
  • Brexit and the lost border fisheries: Maurice Neill explains what we may lose in terms of Irish angling should Brexit go badly..
  • It’s all in the head: Fly angling guru Peter Driver dives into the psychology of angling and offers some advice on how to mentally condition yourself to success
  • Lookout: Our regular spotlight on just some of the amazing wildlife you might be lucky enough to see when by the water over the coming weeks
  • New horizons – reservoir hogs: Dermot Ogle continues his series on English fishing. This time he offers a different view on trout reservoirs and their pike




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